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Select Your Oil Wisely for Quality Hair

Hair care is most difficult task in this era with lot of air and water pollution. Hazardous chemicals and pollutants damages hair of human beings very badly. One has to apply hair treatment as per quality of hair. Though some people are regularly oiling their hair but still are facing lot of hair related problems. Thus, it is essential to choose oil wisely.

It is not necessary that all kinds of oils are suited to every person hair. There are many essential oils full of natural minerals and nutrients. Different type of hair requires different kind of oil. In case when a person has frizz hair, he or she should use Moroccan oil instead of hard chemical shampoos. It can be said as one of the natural conditioner or a serum for hair. Other oils like Jojoba oil helps in controlling hair fall and also helps to regenerate hair roots as well as cell structure.

Tea tree oils are very effective and acts as anti bacterial as well as anti fungus. It also acts as anti dandruff oil which is less greasy as well. Castor oil massage offers good volume to hair but is very greasy. It is also thick oil. Due to its thickness it is suggested to be used with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Its thickness may block pores of head. It can also cause bacterial or fungal infection. If one has dandruff problem, then he or she may use simply lemon along with mustard oil on head. Davines shampoos are considered good for hair damaged with color. davines hair conditioner is best solution to reduce hair damage.

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