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Entertaining Android Games Which You Can’t Resist Putting Your Hands Off

There are top motion Games Android, gaming is exploding with hundreds of motion games. There are varieties of games that suit people accordingly. There are hundreds of games which you can download or even purchase and play. All the gamers, here are the top games specially designed for you. Click here to know more on

Play the best set of games:

Freeflight, this game enables you to pilot the Parrot AR Drone via Wi-Fi using the iPhone’s accelerometer. A future update will also let you play against other drones with virtual lasers exploding on your screen.

Super Monkey Ball is another game which is a classic marble labyrinth, throw in some monkeys, bananas, crazy mini games and every color known to man and you have the insanity that is Super Monkey Ball. It is one addictive game as well as frustrating if you lose, you would find yourself replaying the levels again and again till the time you don’t win over the game.

Prism 3D is another hectic game; it requires you to navigate a bouncing ball through a 3D maze of colored blocks at break-neck speeds. Random power-up blocks instigate quick thinking and the visuals are smooth and crisp.

Speedx 3D is a game with crisp, simple visuals and bold colors that sees you hurtling through all 360º of an obstacle-littered tunnel. Crash and repeat till the time you aren’t satisfied with the all-important high score.

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