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The Causes And Prevention For Nagelpilz

Nail Fungus or nagelpilz is medically termed as Tinea Unguim or Onychomycosis and it is a nail infection that is caused by fungus. This is the popular type of nail infection that affects more than 35 percent of the population. The nail fungus infects the toenails or fingernails, but the most popular is the toenails because the toenails are often in a moist or darker environment which is the ultimate place for the fungus to develop. So, the toenails are more likely to develop nail infection compared to the fingernails.

What Causes Nagelpilz?

The fungal organisms that are responsible for causing Nagelpilz is basically present everywhere. When these fungal organisms make its way to the nail bed it becomes difficult to treat. Anything that breaks or damages the nail can make it easier for the fungal organisms to move in. Any injury to the nails like getting finger stuck in door, tight shoes that pinch the toes can make it easier for the fungal organisms to make it way to the nail bed and this causes Nagelpilz.

Weak immune system can also make it easier for the fungal organisms to develop. According to the medical science, people with strong immune system are less likely to develop any fungal infection.

Prevention of Nagelpilz

To prevent the Nagelpilz from developing, it is necessary for you to maintain good and proper hygiene. Regular inspection of the toes and feet is also necessary to prevent the nail fungus from developing. Proper hygiene can halt and reduce the chance of developing such infection in nails.


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