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Are You Living A Life?

Life is not going well for you,  feeling ill, having difficulty with sleeping, your eyes are irritating you not only your eyes it seems like the whole world has decided to annoy you have become a very common day to day vision of your life.You fell ill quick you feel bored your boss is not happy with you neither your family.Well, this is the story of almost 70% of peoples today.So what is the problem? What is the thing which you are missing? The reason behind all this is that while living in the concrete jungle, we have forgotten the art of living.We got so immense in our motive of making money that you are paying it back with your social values and health. The proof that you are not happy is living probate that you are giving more than you are receiving from your day to day schedule.

Take the first step

The first phase of a healthy lifestyle is to understand your priorities.Many people keep on digging their health and family time for the money you should stop that know that everything is important in their place.You family, your health are nothing less important than your life. No one is going to teach How to lead a healthy lifestyle; you ought to take out some time for yourself to spend on a walk or playing sport.The equally importance you should give to family, spend time with them play with your children, help and date your wife.Human being is a social animal it cannot live alone that’s why you need friends and family to carry on your day to day life healthily.

Next step

Now that you have understood each and every piece in your life is equally important start developing balance in your life. Divide your time equally between work, play and family .give your health a significant important too. Do not take stress start trusting yourself; instead of thinking how to earn more money focus on what can you do now to satisfy your need from what you have.

Day to day schedule

Make your day to day schedule in perspective of health and happiness. Here are few tips for you on How to lead a healthy lifestyle

  • Get enough sleep: rest yourself well, when you don’t rest you will find everything annoying and irritating even simple activities of people.
  • Eat properly: don’t compromise with food, eat properly balanced meal thrice daily on time. Individuals who have regular eating habit are immune to stress.
  • Spend some time in meditating some time alone with nature it will recharge you.
  • Drink enough water: it will prevent your body from getting sore and pain.
  • Give at least half an hour to the exercise: it not only pumps up your immune system but it also regulates the blood flow in the body.Exercise was found to be the best cure for stress and depression.
  • Cut out negative people from your life.
  • Cut out the negative thoughts from the mind.
  • Start loving yourself think positive about yourself.
  • Decide a goal in your life: Don’t waver yourself for the small irrelevant goals instead declare a clear goal in your mind then chase it.
  • Learn to say no: many people make themselves suffer because they have a hard time in saying no to other people’s request.It shouldn’t be like this learn to say no give them importance but not an unfair one.


There is no one better than you who understand you; you just need to focus on the things which are important rather than shooting an arrow in the dark.Each and every piece in your life has equal importance in making up your life you just need to observe and arrange them in the right place.

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